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She Did What??

Last week I spotted a beautiful groundhog out in my driveway.  I grabbed the camera and upon taking the pictures, I noticed this was obviously a very "pregnant" groundhog! So you're thinking, okay, why is this such a big deal right?

Well, a few days later I found where her home was located.  She has dug quite a nice hole going under my home.  There's a door used to access underneith my mobile home that's right under the deck.  So I began to ask around to find a "humane" trap to catch her.  Well, tomorrow my son was going to bring the trap out.  Too late!!!  She reemerged from her comfy home yesterday morning to roam around. Guess what?  Yep, you've got it!  She's a lot smaller and has obviously had her babies now!!
Now look a little bit closer.....

and now as she stands up...

Notice the evidence of nursing babies? LOL
So now she notices the cat in the window.  She figures out she's safe and begins to taunt the cat.
In the previous pics, where's she's standing up, she's about 5 ft. from this window and is staring at the cat.  She then came right under the window, looked up at the cat as if to tease him and then turns to go back to munching on the grass.
Then she goes over and stands on the steps to the deck.  Listens for a bit, goes under the steps...
and at this point she wanders away to feed for a bit and take the attention away from the location of her little ones.  Upon talking with our local Game Warden, I'm told I'm allowed to kill her since she's considered a nuisance animal "gasp"!  Kill her?  Nope, I don't think so!  She has babies!!  So we begin to talk about catching her in a humane cage.  He says to wait about a week and place the cage out there.  Well this sounds all fine and good right?  Wrong! I turn to the internet to find out about the development of the babies.  They are born with no hair, no hearing and blind up until approximately 28 days.  (here are a few pics of newborn kits, as they are called, that are not mine but hope to have pics of these soon.)
So the game plan is to wait it out until the babies are about a month old, set the cage up and try to catch mom and babies.  Then relocate them.
Yes, the question of the day is "She did what?"  She had her babies under my house!!  Stay tuned for updates and pray I don't accidentally walk outside one day and accidentally come between mom and babies.  Oh how I love my life in rural, beautiful Virginia!!


Vikki Hooks said…
I don't know if I would be ok with a family of groundhogs living under my house at all. They can be quite nasty and mean. There is a little gray squirrel that comes up to my from stoop just to torment my dog..drives my dog nuts and in turn drives me crazy. My dog is a 100+ pounds of german shephard. When he decides to go after something it can be quite noisy and scary sounding..One of these days just to get back at the squirrel I just might let my dog out..might be fun to watch..Blessings
Jenny Adams said…
Vikki, it definitely sounds like the squirrel was trying to torment the dog lol. I can only imagine the hectic situation that was with your 100 lb. german shepherd. I'm definitely going to try and catch them as soon as they start exiting the burrow. There's a lot of good reasons, as you were thinking,to not have them here for any longer than I have to for sure. I just hate to catch the momma and leave the babies. So just trying to do the most humane thing I can do to be able to live with myself lol. Ground hogs can be veryyy destructive. So they will be leaving as soon as possible. Keep me posted on your squirrel situation Vikki. Hopefully, it decides to move along soon before your german shepherd settles the score with it lol.
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