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Showing posts from September 14, 2012

Rain Drops and Tear Drops

"The pastures in the wilderness glisten with moisture, and the hills are clothed with joy."  Psalms 65:12.

Oh how blessed I am to have the ability to see God's beauty!!  How often do we take for granted the simple things in life?  For instance, the ability to "see" so many of God's creations.  One of my favorite things to do, as my pain permits, is to grab the camera and try to capture the beauty of God's magnificent drawing board.

After a peaceful evening rain shower, I stepped outside to breathe in the freshness of the crisp, clean air.  I had taken a few pictures of the passing clouds.  Then I turned to see the tiny drops of leftover rain dripping from the leaves of my first tree I had planted here on my property.  The one little rain drop seemed to just be slowly lingering on the end of one of the leaves.   God had my attention in that very moment.  I was able to capture that moment in time and added a bible verse.

How often do we overlook someth…