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Which Do You Chose?

I love getting up early and catching the morning sunrise.  It's amazing how different they are from day to day. Sometimes they are gorgeous, like the one I caught in the above photo, and sometimes they are not so bright.  Sort of like life, some days are full of fun and laughter and some days seem to be full of problems.  
At the young age of 51, yep I said it, I'm 51!  I've finally reached the place in my life, a few years ago, that I can find beauty in most every day!  Even if my physical body is screaming with pain.  I can find something to take my mind off the negative.  Life can be what we make it folks.  I've had more than my share of pain, sorrow and heartache.  But without these things we can't appreciate the amazing blessings.  It's all in what our perspective is on life.  I chose peace, God, prayer, laughter, smiles, and love!  
I've recently had a burning desire to make amends with those that I've had strained relationships.  I want to be ab…