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This Is A Must Crochet and Possible Giveaway

You know how we, crocheters, look for that perfect, light weight project to work on during the summer months?  This is the "Mediterranean Surf Doily" by Red Heart Yarn.  It's such a beautiful doily!  Yep, I do believe I'll make this my next project.   You can find it here with the following link Mediterranean Surf Doily
I spent a little bit of time browsing through their new patterns and found a few others you might like.   I'm not associated with "Red Heart" at all.  I just love sharing goodies I find along the way.  
Are you as addicted to pineapple doilies as I am?  One can never make too many of these right...hehe.  This is the "Pineapple Symphony Doily" by Red Heart.   The link is here Pineapple Symphony Doily. This one is made with size 10 thread where the first, Mediterranean doily, was made with size 3 thread.  Wonder how the first doily would turn out using yarn?  If any of you give it a try, let me know how it works out pretty pleas…