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That Dreaded "c" Strikes A Friend(need your suggestions please)

Good afternoon friends! I'm hoping you'll take a moment to share your input on this topic. I'm looking for your favorite crocheted hat pattern. One that a precious lady, that is my best friend's sister-in-law, might enjoy. She's battling that dreaded disease I call "c". I don't even like to give it the satisfaction of calling it by it's full name of cancer. I'm looking for your favorite pattern that you've made or perhaps someone has given you or your loved one. She is such a loving, kind, sister in Christ and I want to encourage her as she battles this. Do you have a favorite hat pattern or a favorite flower pattern to add to the hat? How about a yarn that you'd suggest for this project? Please, please give me some of your personal favorites. I want to bless her with those perfect 'lil hats that will make her feel loved. Looking forward to your comments. Thanks so much!!