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Valentine's Day Ideas to Crochet

With Valentine's Day coming up I thought it was time to share some of my favorite goodies. I'm such a lover of hearts and also snowflakes. This morning I sat down with the intentions of writing about this and was thrilled when I came across a new blog...totally by accident!!! With this owner's permission, I'm sharing one of the prettiest creations I've seen for Valentine's day!! I hope you'll love this as much as I do and check out some of her other beauties too. I was shocked to read she is new to the art of crocheting with such a gorgeous creation! What's even better...IT'S FREE! I'm proud to share with you Jessica's blog called "The Laboratory" and her Valentine Flake
The Laboratory: Valentine Flake: Valentine Flake Here it is. The 3rd flake in my series of heart inspired snowflakes. I won't call it my final flake. Because I know my...

Please leave her a comment encouraging her and let her know Jenny from "Cr…