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Gov. Bob McDonnell Declares State of Emergency - - ABC13

Gov. Bob McDonnell Declares State of Emergency - - ABC13
Winds blew through up to 85 mph in some areas.  It was a storm packing a big punch.

More than 2 million homes are still without power here in Virginia.  The storms that moved through here Friday night were horrendous!  I'm included in those without power in these triple digit temps.  We are being told it could be up to a week before some of us have power restored. Thank God I have been spared damage to my home.  I only lost one tree that was planted about 2 yrs. ago.  That is nothing when I look around my community and the surrounding area.

There are at least 13 reported dead related to these storms.  Damage to homes, vehicles, and other businesses is going to be costly.   Material things can be replaced but the loss of life can not.  My heart goes out to those that have lost loved ones.

Can you imagine what those are enduring that are working so desperately to restore our power?  Hats off to the many power company employees, firefighters, EMTS, police, National Guard, and all the volunteers!!!  They are working in triple digit temperatures on top of that.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your hard work!!

When something is so widespread as this, you forget about the things like the gas stations that are closed, for instance.  Which means so many with low fuel are having difficulty reaching a place to stay in out of the heat.  Hotels are all booked, cooling centers are being opened to help out with local churches, etc.  Grocery stores are closed so resources are limited to purchase food, etc.

Speaking of food...I dread going home to clean out the freezer and refrigerator.  There goes a good chunk of money down the drain.  But, again, food can be replaced.  Loved ones can't be replaced.  So this too shall pass.  Please remember the state of Virginia in your prayers.


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