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Showing posts from July 24, 2011

As I Kneel Before God

Oh my goodness, here it is 8:20 a.m. and I still haven't fallen asleep. My dear fibromyalgia friends, I'm sure you can relate. Some nights I'm up due to pain and some nights it's just I simply can't fall asleep...arghhh!!

Last night as I sat crocheting, I began to pray for several people that came to mind. It was if the Lord wanted me to just sit quietly and ponder about what I could do to be of help. Do you ever get an overwhelming feeling of urgency to help someone? I know those are the times the Holy Spirit is nudging my spirit. I'm so thankful for those moments that God wants to use me. Sometimes I want all the answers immediately hehe. Last night I was having this conversation with God, "Heavenly Father, I feel your presence and I want to do your will, but could you please be a 'lil more clear as to what you want me to do?" In the same moment you get this gut feeling that He's telling you to be patient and wait. So wait I am.…