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Have You Seen Aunt Lydia’s New Crochet Thread?!

Just passing along some goodies to my crocheting buddies. I came across the new 2011-2012 Aunt Lydia's Thread Collection and my, my, my! The new Iced Bamboo thread is gorgeous! Nope, I'm not an employee of their company. I'm just an avid crocheter that loves gorgeous thread and yarn and this news caught my eye. The beautiful shade of blue of the Iced Bamboo is a must to be added to my collection. I can't wait to make a doily from with this thread. Matter of fact I already have a pattern in mind. Now just to either get to town to pick it up or to order it from online. The really neat thing about the site below is they've included a PDF file of the new catalog you can save to have handy for future reference. Have any of you been purchased this yet? If so, am I going to be as excited about it when I have it in my hands? I'd love to know your thoughts if you've already given it a try.

Introducing Aunt Lydia’s 2011-2012 Collection of Crochet Thread