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Purple Pain Code

I'm so glad I've found "Chronicles of Fibro"blog (link below). The purple pain code
for fibromyalgia is an awesome method of saying how we feel when we "ourselves" get tired of hearing the complaints. I'm going to be incorporating this into my daily life. I have a few friends that really do care about how I'm doing. Instead of saying, "Oh my gosh my pain is off the chart today! Everything in me hurts." Now I'll simply say it's an Amethyst day. On the other end of the she states in the Chronicles of Fibro...if it's a day that's "light" pain then I'll simply say it's a "lilac" day. I hope this catches on like wildfire out in the world of Fibro sufferers and their friends and family.

CHRONICLES OF FIBROMYALGIA: Purple Pain Code: "As most of us are well acquainted, the color of the Fibromyalgia support ribbon is purple. Purple is a traditional color of royalty, the col...&…