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Christian Glitter by

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's, StepMom's and Grandmothers out there.  I'm so blessed to have a Mom that is a very loving, caring mother.  I was raised in a home that never had to face divorce thank God.  I seldom remember my parents even having cross words.  For this loving environment I'm ever so thankful.  Unfortunately, my own children had to endure more hardships in a broken home.  For this I'm so very sorry but I hope they will remember I did the very best I was capable of doing.  
Since the majority of people with this dreaded illness of "Fibromyalgia" are females, I thought this might be a good time to share some neat things I've come across recently online.  Eventually, I hope to make a page devoted just to this topic alone.  You might be wondering what brought my mind to this topic.  Let me just say, this weekend is bringing my beautiful state of Virginia more rain.  Don't get me wrong…