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For All of the Animal Lovers Like Myself

Have a real heart for fur babies?  Hate to see animals that are abused?  Want to see Tonight as I was browsing through the internet I found a local blog I had to share.  It's called Angels of Assisi and Harmony Farm Sanctuary.  They are a no kill facility.  These people have a beautiful heart and so much love to give animals.  If I wasn't over an hour away from where they are located I would be volunteering there.  I hope to go for a visit to see where all these animals are taken care of.  I have such a soft spot in my heart for people and animals alike.  If my body didn't have physical limitations I'd be very active in pursuing something like this in my county here in VA.  Reading this tonight has given me an idea...hmmm....maybe I could help places like this by blogging for them?  My body might be slowing down on me a bit but hey the good Lord has blessed me with speed typist fingers.  Where there's a will there's a way right?  Hats off to the folks at "…