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I Rejoice In The Small Accomplishments In Life

It's amazing how this ugly Fibro world actually manages to teach us the true meaning of life. Sometimes I wish folks realized how much they truly are missing by being in such a "rush" all the time. Yes, we'd like to be able to move about in a slightly faster mode but there are advantages of being inside this body. I think we appreciate the "small" things in life more than the average, healthy person does. It's so empowering when we are able to complete a task. A task that normally would take a healthy person a few minutes to do that will take us hours to finish. I rejoice in the small accomplishments in life. Things that we took for granted before we became sick. Wow, when was that time in our life? Can I even remember how long ago it was? I'm so thankful for the days I am able to function without the pain screaming at me. When the pain is down to a dull roar, I consider it a good day. On those days we might choose to venture out to run an errand or to meet a friend for lunch, etc. Therefore, the world sees us on those days and think "hmmm, she must not be "very" sick. Just why can't she do more? Why can't she come out more often?" We all know those comments that folks make behind our backs. If they only walked in our shoes for one day. Just "one" day! Could they handle it as well as we do? Could they maintain a somewhat pleasant attitude? Ohhh, that's another story in itself...the face we put on to be as pleasant as possible when being around others. When we really want to frown or grumble. I carry this burden inside me that causes me to think if I don't appear to be somewhat pleasant will I lose the few friends I have remaining? As time as moved slowly forward, I've realized it's the friends that really matter that remain by my side. As most of us know, our circle of friends dwindle down to only a few as Fibro tries to take any joy away that we have remaining. In the long run it's those friends that are truly a blessing in our life. The friends that can look at you and say, "Wow, you know I admire the strength you have. You have really taught me a lot about life. You, my dear friend, are a real blessing to me." Those friends are the keepers. We do have quite a bit to offer to this world. For this reason we keep on keeping on.


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