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As I Kneel Before God

Oh my goodness, here it is 8:20 a.m. and I still haven't fallen asleep. My dear fibromyalgia friends, I'm sure you can relate. Some nights I'm up due to pain and some nights it's just I simply can't fall asleep...arghhh!!

Last night as I sat crocheting, I began to pray for several people that came to mind. It was if the Lord wanted me to just sit quietly and ponder about what I could do to be of help. Do you ever get an overwhelming feeling of urgency to help someone? I know those are the times the Holy Spirit is nudging my spirit. I'm so thankful for those moments that God wants to use me. Sometimes I want all the answers immediately hehe. Last night I was having this conversation with God, "Heavenly Father, I feel your presence and I want to do your will, but could you please be a 'lil more clear as to what you want me to do?" In the same moment you get this gut feeling that He's telling you to be patient and wait. So wait I am.

My heart has been pulled in several directions lately. I know my Heavenly Father is about to show me something very real. Something He wants me to act on. I'm just not sure what it is. I know in "His" timing it will be revealed to me. Not in my timing but only His. I'm just one lady in this big ole world that wants to somehow make a difference. The heartache I have for others keeps me awake many nights. Oh how I long to be closer to God. I long for the ability to comprehend more of what I read in His word. Oh how precious it would be if the man of God, I've prayed for so long, would come into my life. Being by myself at night can sure be lonely at times. Yet, I'm never totally alone. I feel the loving arms of Christ wrapped around me. God knows our hearts desire. He knows our thoughts and likes and dislikes. I hope my heart, eyes and ears are all open so that I don't miss what it is God wants me to do.

Sorry for the rambling here this morning. Maybe there is a reason I felt so strongly about blogging this morning. Is God wanting me to reach out to someone that reads my blog? Is God wanting me to help someone in some sort of way? Is there someone that's reading this and just needs a friend? If and when you read this and feel the urgency to email me or comment....please...please do so. I'd love to hear from you. I've had fibromyalgia and chronic pain from spine issues for many years. It's amazing what God has shown me over the years in regards to ways to cope. I'm a survivor of a violent attack from back in 2004. Is there someone that is at their wits end and thinks there's not a soul on this earth that cares? Let me tell you, my friend, there are people that really do care. But we have to sometimes reach out and say, "Hey I'm going through a tough spot right now. Do you have time to listen?" Yes, my friend, I do. If that person is you feel free to comment or email. I'm here and would love to help the best way I know how.

May you each have a blessed Sunday. May the Lord guide your every step and lead you to peace in your life. May He surround you with His angels and protect you as you travel. Heavenly Father I thank you for the world of internet that we might reach out to others that otherwise might be totally alone. Thank you God for the love and support my friends and family have given me. You are so loved. Heavenly Father may you shine your love upon my home and all those that are reading this. In Jesus precious Name, amen.


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