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First Day With Chantix

Well today is my first day of taking Chantix to help me stop smoking.  I could sure use your prayers.  I tried this med approximately 3 yrs. ago.  I had to stop just a few days into it because I felt like I had an elephant sitting on my chest.  Because I'm in bad need of surgery on my neck and lower back I "have" to give this another try.  I hear you have very vivid dreams with this med.  I can handle the dreams but Lord please keep the heaviness from appearing in the first few days.  I don't want this addiction hanging over me any longer.  I want to have this surgery and try to get back to being as close to normal as one can be also living with Fibromyalgia.  It's a double whammy when you're down with your back.  I'm slowly losing the ability to walk.  I've always been persistent when I'd have bad fibro days and would get out and try to walk as much as my body would tolerate.  I would continue moving no matter how great the pain was.  Believe me, yes, it hurt like heck but was worth it when it eventually helped.  It's also spring of the year....time to plant beautiful flowers!!  I can't work in my flower garden being in the condition I am right now.  My flower gardening is a type of therapy for me too.  Oh how I want to stop smoking.  For those of you that have ever smoked I know you can relate.  Any comments to help me along would be soooo appreciated.  Thanksss!!


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She Did What??

Last week I spotted a beautiful groundhog out in my driveway.  I grabbed the camera and upon taking the pictures, I noticed this was obviously a very "pregnant" groundhog! So you're thinking, okay, why is this such a big deal right?

Well, a few days later I found where her home was located.  She has dug quite a nice hole going under my home.  There's a door used to access underneith my mobile home that's right under the deck.  So I began to ask around to find a "humane" trap to catch her.  Well, tomorrow my son was going to bring the trap out.  Too late!!!  She reemerged from her comfy home yesterday morning to roam around. Guess what?  Yep, you've got it!  She's a lot smaller and has obviously had her babies now!!
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I gave this doily to my beautiful, loving Mother.

Wonderful Group for Fibro on Facebook

Hello friends, I haven't written in awhile, thanks to the lovely pain that's been trying to get the best of me.  But, thank you Lord, I'm still here and have been blessed with one of the most enjoyable groups I've ever found for Fibromyalgia.  It's called Fellow Travelers on Facebook.  It's so nice to find a group of individuals that can relate to exactly what we face daily.  If you're looking for a wealth of info and a world of good conversation check them out!!