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Showing posts from July 29, 2010

Oh Nooo Here He Comes Again!

My son getting kisses from Jake. Isn't that how you're suppose to welcome the kids back home? lol

Pineapple Doily in Rose

Sunshine Being Bashful

He'd better hide his face after having to be rescued from the utility pole because he went up but couldn't find the courage to come down on his own.

Don't Cry Mommy, Let Me Lick the Tears Away.....I Missed You Too!!!

I've been babysitting my daughter's dog and it was an emotional reunion. She was crying and her fur baby was licking the tears away as fast as they fell. Now that's love!

Sunshine Waiting to Be Rescued!

Thanks to the local power company he was safely rescued.  Thanks guys!!!

Sunshine Stuck Up a Pole!

Like there wasn't enough excitement in the day....Sunshine, my male tabby cat, decided to go up the utility pole to chase a bird and then couldn't get down!!

Shannon with her Granny Square Afghan

Lt. Green and Yellow Floral Motif Earrings, Small Hoop Earrings in Medium Pink, Large Hoop Earrings in Lt. Pink. Each pair is packaged individually for sale.

Small Hoop Earrings in Spring Green with Silver Hooks

Large Hoop Earrings in Pink/Orange Mingled Thread with Silver Hooks

Red and White Floral Motif Earrings with Silver Hooks

Dainty Earring Size Comparison

Aqua Floral Motif Earrings with Gold Hooks

Dainty Earrings in Gold w/Metallic Thread

Dainty Earrings in Light Pink with Gold Hooks

Light Blue Small Hoop Earrings with Silver Hooks

Dainty Earrings in Medium Aqua with Gold Hooks

Dainty Earrings in Light Pink with Gold Hooks

Medium Size Hoop Earrings with Gold Hooks

Large Aqua Hoop Earrings with Gold Hooks

I've recently been working on crocheted earrings. These are the large aqua hoops with gold hooks.

Sittin' Purdyyy

Maria (my daughter's dog) Sittin' Purdy

I Want A Treat Too Purdy Pleaseee


Beautiful Rainbow

We had a brief rain shower this evening and I caught the beginning of a beautiful rainbow. It ended up not developing into a full rainbow but was still gorgeous.