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Current Crocheting Project

This is my most recent project.  I needed something that would be quick to do so I chose a basic rectangle granny square afghan.  Should have this finished soon.  Going to make it approximately the size of a twin bed.


The Garden Bell said…
Love it. Really, really nice job. Looks like you are just starting in blogland. It's addictive. Stop back by and follow along on my journey. In my scroll click on SIBOL, it's a fun project Sue in the U.K., I in Chicago area and other all over the world are working on.

The other site to look at if you haven't already is

Lucy over in the U.K.

She is who got me started and has wonderful, wonderful crocet and great postings from what I call HobbitLand. Check her out, it's worth the stop.

Keep going it only will get easier and more fun. Almost one year now....
Jenny said…
Thanks so much for leaving such a sweet comment. Especially the suggestions on the other blogs!! I'll definitely be checking them out. Hope you come back often!

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